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  • IPS: 80K-160K - iPS 80K3~160K3
  • IPS: 80K-160K - iPS 80K3~160K3

IPS: 80K-160K - iPS 80K3~160K3

IPS: 80K-160K

iPS 80K3~160K3

80K-160K: Three phase off grid inverter, Max. efficiency up to 95%, pure sine wave, with AC/DG by pass optional. Excellent overload capacity and complete protection.




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Max. efficiency up to 95%

Three phase output support 100% unbalanced load

Isolated output transformer, durable load impact

Pure sine wave output, suitable for all sorts of electrical appliances

Excellent overload capacity

Complete protections e.g. Input and output over voltage, over temperature protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, etc

LCD display + LED status indicator

Smart fan speed control and trouble shooting function

RS485, dry contact communication to realize remote monitoring

City power / diesel generator input (optional)


iPS series off-grid inverter is particularly designed for off-grid power system with high efficiency up to 95%. The excellent overload capacity and complete protection are suitable for all sorts of electrical appliances. The inverter can be used in harsh environments e.g. wide temperature range, high altitude, etc. This series can be applied for solar lighting, remote communication base, high way monitoring system, custom system of pastoral areas and less developed areas, etc.

iPS 80K3~160K3

Technical data

Model iPS 80K3 iPS 100K3 iPS 120K3 iPS 160K3
DC Input
Rated voltage (Vdc) 384 384 384 384
Rated current (A) 175 218 270 350
Voltage range (Vdc) 345~480
AC Input
AC input voltage range (Vac) 380/400±20%
AC input frequence range (Hz) 50/60±5%
Max. AC charging power (kW) 60 75 90 120
Max. charge current (A) 140 174 209 279
Rated power (kVA) 80 100 120 160
Output voltage (Vac)
Output frequency (Hz)
3/N/PE, 380/400
Output wave Pure sine ware
Power factor 1
Rated current (A) 121 152 182 242
Output voltage total harmonic distortion THDU<3% (Full load, linear load)
THDU<5% (Full load, nonlinear load)
Output voltage regulation <5% (Load 0~100%)
Overload capacity 105%~110%, 10min; 110%~125%, 1min; 150%,10S
Crest factor 3:1
General Data
Max. frequency >95.0%
Operating temperature range (°C) –20~50 (>50°C derating)
Relative humidity in operation 0~95% (non-condensing)
Ingress protection rating IP20
Max. operating altitude (m) 6000 (>3000m derating)
Display LCD+LED
Cooling method Smart forced air cooling
Protection DC&AC over/under voltage, AC over load, AC short circuit, over temperature, etc
EMC EN 61000-4, EN55022 (Class B), IEC60950
Dimension (D*W*H mm) 800*850*1700 900*800*1800
Weight (kg) 750 800 950 1100