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  • Low Frequency Online UPS - Low Frequency Online UPS 3 phase in 1 phase out Digital 30~80KVA
  • Low Frequency Online UPS - Low Frequency Online UPS 3 phase in 1 phase out Digital 30~80KVA

Low Frequency Online UPS - Low Frequency Online UPS 3 phase in 1 phase out Digital 30~80KVA

Low Frequency Online UPS

Low Frequency Online UPS 3 phase in 1 phase out Digital 30~80KVA

Industry Automation protection

Power Protection for Transportation, Electricity, Medical service, Stadium

Small to Mid Data Centers

Banking, Insurance, Stock Service Centers

Communication Network Management Center

Experimental Instruments




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CONVOY MFD31 series 30~80KVA fully digital low frequency online UPS is transformer based, which address the customers' needs for high reliability, stability, quality and efficiency. Features with DSP control, double conversion topology, input harmonic filter, 6 pulse (12 pulse optional) rectifier, IBGT based SPWM inverter, MFD31 series offer load perfect Sine wave to fulfill all kinds of businesses' requirement for highly reliable, highly stable, high quality, highly efficient, uninterruptible power supply.


  • Advance Architecture

    Online Double Conversion, complete isolation between load and Grid/Generator Output isolation transformer based

    DSP Controlled

    Fully digitally controlled by DSP, features with more stability and reliability

    Input Surge Protection

    Input surge protection board design for higher grid adaption

    Highly Environment Adaptive

    Wide input voltage tolerance

    Wide input frequency range

    Superior Overload Capacity

    Superior overload capacity and short circuit capacity to ensure system stability and safety under extreme harsh condition

    Intelligent Fan Speed Regulation

    Automatically adjust fan speed according to inside temperature and load rate to obtain lower noise, longer fan life and less energy consumption

  • Advanced Battery Management

    Advanced battery management technology which match the battery features to prolong the battery life. Temperature compensation function included

    Battery discharge time assessment, periodic self detection

    Battery switch status gathering, detection and control

    N+X Paralleling Redundancy

    Up to 6 cabinets direct paralleling, no need for centralized bypass cabinet


    LBS (Load Bus Synchronization) enable two independent UPS systems to form Dual Bus Architecture for higher reliability

    Highly Adapt to Generator

    Power Walk In function lower down the inrush current of system start, so to minimize the requirement for generator capacity

    DC Cold Start

    Start the UPS into battery (charged) mode directly, convenient operation option for user

  • LCD+LED Dispaly

    LCD+LED display provides real time UPS operating status and parameters information

    Full Protection

    Self-diagnose when starting Full software and hardware protection (short circuit, inverter overheat, battery voltage low&high, surge)

    Multiple Connectivity Choice

    Standard: R232, Optional: R485, SNMP Dry contact card

    Flexible connectivity for real time management

    Abundant Options

    Input isolation transformer, Bypass isolation transformer, Dry contact card, RS485,SNMP.

Technical data

Model MFD3130 MFD3140 MFD3150 MFD3160 MFD3180
Capacity(KVA/KW) 30/24 40/32 50/40 60/48 80/64
Main input Nominal voltage(Vac) 380
Voltage range(Vac) 304~456
Phase three phase five wire(3L+N+PE)
Frequency range(Hz) 50(60)±10%
Input power factor >0.95(with filter)
Bypass input Nominal voltage(Vac) 220
Voltage range(Vac) 160~275
Phase single phase three wire(L+N+PE)
Bypass tracking(Hz) 50(60)±5%
  Voltage(Vac) 220±1% or 230V±1%
  Power factor 0.8
  Frequency(Hz) 50(60)
  Wave Form Sine wave, THDV<2%(linear load)
  Transfer time(ms) 0
  System efficiency ≥92%
  Overload 5%~110%:60min;110%~125%:10min;
  Battery voltage(Vdc) (348/360 optional )/(384 customized)
  Operating temperature(℃) -10~40
  Storage temperature(℃) -25~55(battery excluded)
  Humidity range 0~95%(no condensing)
  Operating altitude <1500m
  Noise(dB) < 55
Other Characteristic          
  Alarm function Overload, main fault, UPS fault, battery voltage low, etc
  Protection function short circuit, overload, overheat,battery voltage low, 
surge protection(optional)
  Communication interface standard: RS232 optional: RS485/SNMP/Dry contact card
  Dimension(W×D×H)mm 550×800×1200 750×720×1600
  Net weight(kg) 330 520 590 630 820
  Standards YD/T1095-2008