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  • ETS: 10K-60K - ETS-B 10K~60K
  • ETS: 10K-60K - ETS-B 10K~60K

ETS: 10K-60K - ETS-B 10K~60K

ETS: 10K-60K

ETS-B 10K~60K

Three 10K-60K with transformer, safe and stable, Pure sine wave, modular MPPT controller built-in, support 100% unbalanced load, system efficiency up to 92%, over-loading capability, easy installation. AC/DG by pass optional. RS 485/GPRS monitoring




Title: Mr. Ms.



Built-in MPPT solar controller, maximize the utilization of solar panels

Integrated design with controller, inverter and isolated technique

Solar controller modular design, hot plug function, flexible configuration, easy capacity expansion

Pure sine wave output, output isolated transformer, safe and stable

It supports mains/generator input (optional)

Three phase AC output, support 100% unbalanced load

Intelligent battery management and temperature compensation function

LCD display + LED status indicator

Complete protections

System efficiency up to 92%

Strong environment adaptability


ETS series three-phase off-grid inverter adapts integrated design of solar controller, inverter and isolated transformer. The controller adapts MPPT technology and intelligent battery management design which is very efficient and smart; integrated pure sine wave inverter and low frequency isolated transformer make it with excellent overload performance, suitable for a variety of electrical appliances, It supports mains/generator input (optional), take advantages of old diesel generators, saving initial investment and operation maintenance cost.

ETS series controller adapts modular design with flexible configuration; the inverter output covers 10kVA~60kVA, supply power for places without city power e.g. remote areas, pastoral areas, islands, communication base stations, bring customer the optimized social, economical and environmental benefits.

ETS-B 10K~60K

Technical data

System (without AC bypass)
Model ETS-B 10K ETS-B 20K ETS-B 30K ETS-B 40K ETS-B 50K ETS-B 60K
DC Input (PV Side)
MPP voltage range (Vdc) 250~450 420~650
Max. input voltage (Vdc) 460 660
Recommended rated voltage (Vdc) 330 480
Max. controller module number 2 2 4 4 5 5
AC Input
AC input voltage range (Vac) 380/400±20%
AC input frequence range (Hz) 50/60±5%
Max. AC charger power (kW) 7.5 15 22.5 30 37.5 45
Max. AC charger current (A) 31.25 62.5 93.75 76.9 96.15 115.38
Inverter Output
Output voltage (Vac) 3/N/PE, 380/400
Output wave Pure sine wave
Rated power (kW/kVA) 10/10 20/20 30/30 40/40 50/50 60/60
AC current crest factor 3:01
Overload capacity 105%~110%, 10mins; 110%~125%, 1min; >125%, 10s
Voltage THD THDU<3%, linear load; THDU<5%, nonlinear load
Isolation Low frequency transformer
Rated voltage (Vdc) 220 348
Battery type Lead-acid or Li battery
General Data
Operating temperature range (°C) –20~50 (>50°C derating)
Relative humidity in operation 0~95% (non-condensing)
Max. operating altitude (m) 6000 (>3000m derating)
Display LCD+LED
Communication RS485, dry contact
Protections Input over/under voltage, output over/under voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, reverse polarity
Ingress protection rating IP20
Dimension (D*W*H mm) 560*460*1040 600*550*1450 600*600*1600
Weight (without PV module) (kg) 160 170 230 260 300 330
PV Control Module
Model SC22050-ESS SC22050 SC35040
Control type MPPT control
MPPT efficiency 99.5%
Max. input power (kW) 11 16
Output voltage range (Vdc) 192~264 310~420
Max. output current (A) 50 40
Max. efficiency 98.0%
Module dimension (D*W*H mm 415*356*84.5 335*436*84.5
Module Weight (kg) 11